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One good motive for using lever locks for secure deposit doors is the need for a guard key. Both the guard key and renter’s key have to be current when a deposit field is to be opened. First, the guard key is inserted and turned. Second, the renter’s key is inserted and turned. If the correct guard and renter’s keys have been inserted, the renter’s key can retract the bolt, permitting the door to be opened. In instances the place the renter’s key is lacking, safe deposit lock keyways can often be either drilled out or pulled using special safe deposit lock nostril puller tools. Once the keyway is eliminated, the levers are often free to drop out of the locking area and the bolt can simply be withdrawn. Safe deposit locks are usually destroyed in this process, but the safe deposit doorways are left intact. This ‘destroy and replace’ system works well, however several lock firms have both gone out of enterprise or discontinued making secure deposit field locks. Bullseye S.D. Locks realized the necessity for replacement secure deposit locks and now gives an economical line of locks which have the same ‘footprint’ as the original products. In addition, Bullseye can match nearly any current guard key mixture, so the brand new locks can be utilized along with guard key systems already in the field. • B400 product group for replacing ILCO A-400, Lloyd Matheson M-40, Miles X-4, Precision P-forty plus S&G 4440 locks. • B175 product group for changing Diebold 175-05 locks. As well as, Bullseye offers a equipment for Diebold B175 locks so technicians in the sector can rekey the guard lock portion to an present guard key mixture. Time locks and plus quantity plates that are much like the originals spherical out the Bullseye line. The next information is from unique drawings. Measurements might vary relying on the lock producer.

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